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Check out the graphs below. On the first chart above, (amat)  the first entry (circle) was at 45.31with an exit at 45.92 for a profit of .61.  The second entry (circle) was at 45.66 with an exit at 46.39 for a profit of .73.  That's 1.34 points, just two trades in about two hours. How many shares you trade is up to you.  Check out the volume on the bottom of the charts of each entry and exit area.  Plenty of volume to trade, plenty of time to enter and exit.


In fact, just by looking at the charts above, there are over 3.85 points of posted profits.  Even if you trade only 200 shares,  that's $770 in your pocket.  Just imagine when you work your way up to 2500 share trades. Over $9,625 in just a few days.


And that's just with 3 stocks.  As you can see above, there are 8 different opportunities to profit.  These graphs were all taken directly

from the trading platform.  


You'll learn how to setup, scan and trade any number of stocks.  I currently use about 20 different stocks, and that's probably way more than I really need. Just imagine all the opportunities you'll have, each and every day.






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