Monitor Set-Up Pictures

Below are my monitor setups in graphic form (use your scroll button on your browser to scroll across this page). The top set up is a 1 monitor setup, and below it is a two monitor setup (so the monitors are side by side).  These are pictures of the charts, graphs and tools that you need to day trade effectively.  You can build each of these by using your toolbar when you download your trading platform from the online broker you decide to use.  They provide the platform and you set it up as pictured below.

Or, once you have your platform from your broker, or the simulator, you can drag/drop my monitor files into your platform folder on your computer (the email I sent you has complete instructions on part 2 of the email along with the files attached). Once you do that you can simply open up your platform or simulator, choose the layout you want, and your platform will be already setup with the charts and graphs you need.  Then you will not have to set-up the graphs and charts manually one by one.

Notice how the 1 monitor setup is crowded and only has 8 scan charts to scan for trading opportunities.  The more scan charts you have, the greater the opportunity you have to profit.  Although on this day, with just 8 scan charts, there were still 5 to 6 Ku's one could have pocketed money on, and in the first hour and a half only!!

The 2 monitor setup (lower section, scroll down), is a little easier to view, not so crowded, and many more scan charts.  If you have 3 or more monitors, just use each additional monitor loaded up with scan charts.  I myself use 6 monitors now.  However, you can easily start off with just 1 monitor if you prefer.

My Current Six Monitor Trading Station





2 Monitor set-up