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"Watch This Video, Then Read The Report Below  To See....How To Make $10,296 Minimum Profit Each And Every Month Trading The Stock Market...And 

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My name is Bill Barrett, and on

the following page I'm going to show you the exact same secrets that I've used to trade over 1.3 Million Dollars.


1000's of REAL PEOPLE, just like you, have followed my Program and made dramatic, permanent changes in their income and lifestyles!!!


My Home Office In Hawaii

Anyone with an internet connection can trade the stock market profitably, using the same strategies you're about to discover!!

These secrets can be used by you to pull out consistent profits from the stock market.  If you're ready to make profits now, then read on...




From: Bill Barrett



Hello Friend,


Trading the stock market can be exciting, fun, and extremely rewarding.  It's probably the only business in the world where you can point, click, and make money.  There's no inventory to deal with, no supplies, no phone calls, no bills,  no traffic, no complaints, no nothing. None of the  headaches associated with just about every other business .


And, a great thing about trading, there is  no selling whatsoever.  In fact, you don't even have to talk to anyone, period! It's the perfect hands free, no hassle way to make money. You can do it anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.


If this sounds great to you, then keep your eyes glued to this page...this may be the most important report you'll ever read.



If you have any thoughts about  trading the stock 

market, then this report is an absolute must

for your success!


I've been studying and trading the stock market since 1987.  I live on the isle of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands with my wife and teenage son and have always been interested in the stock market, since I was a little boy, in fact.  


Anyway, I was completely awe stricken by the workings of the stock market...especially all the money involved. 


"I just had to get my hands on some".  "But only if I knew how!" I thought.


In the earlier days it was pretty hard to grab some of that cash. Wall Street Insiders had too much advantage.  You had to phone your broker and hope for the best. It was very slow, and well, definitely, not to my advantage.  Then something changed.   The Internet was born.


I now had access to the same tools, information, and speed of execution that the big boys did. All I needed was to decide which tools and information to apply .



"Secrets, Tips, And Insider 

Information To Trade Your 

Way To Substantial Wealth"



What You'll Discover


   How you can make $5000 profit and when a Stock Halted...legally!*     


  The # 1 Strategy Insiders use.  Without it, you'll never make it!*  


   How you can set up a Professional Trading Station.  Quick, Easy and 



   Which Patterns work and which don't!*  


  How to Use Level II. Including the one major Level II mistake non      

          non-pros make!*


   All about ECN's. Pros and Cons of each!*  


   How you can exploit and IRS loophole to save thousands in taxes!*  


   How to trade the Open, Midday, and Close. Each period is vastly 



   Highly guarded Nasdaq secrets... giving you a huge advantage over  

          other traders!*  


   Level II Market Maker tricks, and secrets!*  


   The # 1 Tool to use to tell you when to exit!*  


   Margin...Ins and Outs, Pro and Cons!*  


   How you can monitor numerous open profits at the blink of an eye!*  


   Setting up Charts with the correct Technical Analysis setup!*  


   How you can make a mint when stocks drop!*  


   How  to Dominate the herd of online traders!*   


   How to take profits from Market Makers. (one of my favorite)!*  


These are the exact same methods that I use today.  You have everything to gain with the use of these bulletproof strategies.  Each one designed and tested to return maximum profits.





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See For Yourself


That's right.  Test your trading skills in a real market environment.  You've seen those trading contests CNN or some big brokerage company puts on.  Individuals pay a fee to enter a contest that allows them to receive real market data and trade the market, just like real.  The only difference is, no money ever changes hands.


I'll hook you up in the same manner.  Real data from the markets to trade.  Absolutely  FREE... no charge... nada.


You'll have the secrets,  tips and strategies you're about to learn, right by your side, helping you all the way.  At the end of your trading day check out your profits.  Prove it to yourself before you ever put 1 penny of your own money into the market.


Can you think of any other business in the world, anywhere,  that allows you to "set up shop" and actually work the business before putting in 1 cent?  I sure can't.



  Is It Really True


You bet it is.  Here are some screen shots right off of my trading station.  You won't learn strategies like these anywhere in the world.  You see, I've never worked for a brokerage house or investment firm.  I am completely self  taught.  Read any book, think back as far as  you can  remember, you have never seen setups like this before, ever. 


Each of the circles are an entry point.  Please notice you will pull out money in either direction,  up or down, it doesn't matter.  Remember, we are traders not investors.  


We wait, we point and click, we pull money out and then move on. 


Don't worry, I'll show you the complete when, where and how on these secret strategies. 






More Examples


Ok, more graphs. Click Here


Additional examples of money being taken out of the stock market.  Click Here


See a professional trading platform.  Click Here


Now you know why I say $10,296 minimum profit.  Can you see the opportunity, it is just unbelievable!



The Window of Opportunity 

Is Now


Can it be that online trading is the greatest window of opportunity in the last 200 years?


Absolutely - but you must get in now, before it's too late.  Just consider this:


There are literally 100's of new online traders everyday. The growth is absolutely astonishing. Each day traders take more and more profits away from  market makers and exchange  insiders.  Even as I speak,  powerful political lobbyists of these two groups  are urging legislation to stem the tide of new online traders.


Now I said online "traders" not online investors (investors buy 2-3 stocks a month or 5-10 per year).  These folks are the bread and butter of experienced professional traders and their access to the markets will only be made easier.


So it is extremely important that you get in now before it becomes almost impossible for folks like you to enter the arena of trading.




He made $7500 in the last hour alone....

"Dear Bill,


Since reading your course and downloading the simulator  program, I have been excited...mainly because I can take about a thousand dollars an hour out of it on about a 25k margin  The strategy worked great.  In fact, the reason I am writing you this, is because I just pulled about $7500.00 last hour off of the huge drops and gains that BRCD, MERQ, and IDPH made."


Thanks, David  T.

Atlanta, Georgia



Understanding what the insider boys do....

"Hi Bill, 


I appreciate very much your kindness, and fairness in helping me understand some tricks used by money makers.


Best regards to you and your family,"



$1000 in 3 hours...

"Dear Bill


I am sure you get a lot of mail but I just wanted to let you know that I received the package and have now started.  Trading from 10am until 1pm I make a net profit of $1000.00. Your system is so simple and straightforward with no ambiguities that I have got it working straight away.


Best regards,"



Make More Money 

In A Month

Than Most Do All Year


This is the only business I know of that if you really wanted to, you could work at it for one month and take the rest of the year off. Sounds unbelievable but it's true. There is just an unbelievable amount of money trading hands every day in the market.  It only takes a very small piece of it to amass great wealth.


Others are doing it, right now, today.  Why not you?


Are you ready?  Let me clue you in on a couple of things first.


Why Trade On Your Own


You basically have two choices.  You can try trading and hope to learn on your own.   Or,  you can learn from someone who puts their own money on the line.  I can tell you right now, hope is not going to take you very far..


It always amazes me to see how so many people think they can enter into this business and be successful without any training, knowledge, or plan of attack. Just open up an online account, maybe read a book or two of the same old rehashed bull market strategies, and away they go.


C'mon think about it. Can the guy next door just open up an office and be a successful doctor or dentist?  Can he get behind the wheel of a Formula 500 race car, drive onto the track and become a winner?   No way, it takes knowledge and training.  Well, it's the same in trading stocks.


Wouldn't you want to be armed with killer strategies that are proven to win? 


The Learning Curve Can 

Be Very Steep 


You can spend 1000 upon 1000's of hours studying charts, back testing strategies, testing and retesting... like I did.  Trying to figure out what works in the market and what doesn't.  What makes matters worse,  is the mountains and mountains of misinformation.  I've seen some really ridiculous ideas and methods out there.


And believe me, I know.  Through the years I've read just about every book,  checked out every chat room, and subscribed to tons of stock picking services... and I'm sorry to say they just don't hold up. All the "experts" and self appointed "gurus" with their predictions ( I'll talk about "predictions" a little later) is all hype.  And it can be very frustrating and disappointing.  



My Current Six Monitor Trading Station




  No One On Wall St. Cares If You

 Make Money Or Not.


The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can start making consistent money. The analyst on TV gets paid for his commentary, not if the stock you buy goes up or down. The broker that recommends a stock to you gets paid a commission when you place an order, not if you make or lose any money.


Remember, they are in it for them, not for you.


In fact, I'll tell you an interesting story.  A while back a major brokerage firm (which I won't mention here for obvious reasons) put out an upgrade on XYZ stock. It was in all the papers, and mentioned prominently on CNN.  This particular company happens to be one of the firms I monitor on my Level II screen.


Well, when the stock opened for trading I was amazed to see this firm selling all day long.  They were consistently on the inside ask (sell).  My Level II also gives a running count on how many times a firm I'm monitoring is on the inside bid (buy) or ask.  At the end of the day they were on the inside sell 30 to 1 over the inside buy.


And here they are putting out a major buy recommendation to the public the night before.  Needless to say the stock tanked over the next 2 weeks.  What happened... they were dumping their inventory to an unsuspecting public.  And believe me, this happens all the time. So again I say, it is  absolutely necessary that you arm yourself with these killer strategies.


But you may be asking "why am I sharing this with you?" 


 #1. It takes nothing away from me. The market has plenty of money available, 

       whether you trade it or not.


 #2. It would have been nice if someone was there for me when I started out. 

       Those early years of frustration and disappointment were not very enjoyable.


 #3  I get a great feeling  when someone shares with me how they're cleaning up 

      on Wall St.  I think most people can relate to the small guy coming out ahead.


 #4. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with others.  Someday

       in your trading experiences you might  notice something of value and maybe 

       you'll share that knowledge with me.


But I'll be up front with you right now.  I am no bleeding heart.  If you choose not to arm yourself  with these proven strategies, tips, and insider information and enter the trading arena,  I'd just as soon be the one to take your money. I trade to win, period. 


The Market  Can Make You As 

Wealthy As You Want  


There are billions and billions of dollars changing hands every single day in the market. Literally at the click of a button, cash is made available to those smart enough to retrieve it. 


Frankly, you're going to have a enormous advantage.  After all, I've already worked through the trial and error for you.  Just follow my easy step by step instructions that show you exactly how to duplicate me


My Personal ATM Machine


That's the way I look at the stock market.  A big money holding machine that belongs to me. Nothing feels better then turning on my computer, making a successful trade and having the cash automatically deposited into my trading account.


Wow, what a concept, boy am I glad there's a thing called the stock market.  Once you're onboard with this unbelievable system, so will you.




Your Program is a real eye opener....



I can't believe I even attempted to trade the market without getting your course. What an eye-opener. Boy did I have it all wrong. I can see now there was no way I would have been able to trade successfully."


Fred G.  

Denver, Colorado



My Program is backed with years of experience....

"Hi Bill:


I think you are a smart trader and that in time you were able to use your intelligence and common sense to be successful in this jungle (Stock Market).


Thank you very much,"




Easy to follow, Step by Step...

"Dear Bill


Just a short note to let you know how easy it was to understand your program.  I really enjoyed the chapter on taking the money.  Those patterns are amazing.  The step by step setup sure made it easy to follow."


Larry M.     




Constant and Continuous Support....

"Good Evening Bill,


I've been with you awhile now and just had to tell you one more time how thankful and appreciative I am of your support.



Kevin C. 

New York



Make Money Regardless of Market Direction


This is a major difference between investors and traders  You see, traders could care less about the direction of the market.  On the other hand, investors buy a stock and hope that it goes up in order for them to make money.  


If it goes against the, they get crushed.  Their only consolation is their broker telling them to "hold on for the long haul, its bound to come back".


Well not for me, I want to make money when a stock drops.  I'll show you step by step,  how to make a killing when they do. And when they do,  the profits come so fast and wild it'll be the ride of your life.  


Your friends will think you're nuts smiling all the way to the bank on a "miserable down day"


Capitalize On

Dumb Money


It may sound a little harsh, but this is commonly referred to as  trading against the inexperienced. You'll  learn how to literally clean them out.  Remember,  if someone chooses to enter this business without being armed to the hilt, then their money is free game.


I'll tell you another little secret, sensational news stories and "Dumb Money" go hand in hand. I know of some traders that use this technique as a sole basis for their trading.  Do you have a clue?  Do you think we try to predict what the dumb money is doing?  Nope, not a chance.


But you will learn exactly what to do, and better yet, what not to do to fall into this costly trap. 


While we're on the topic of predictions,  let me share something with you.


No Predictions Please


If  there is anyone who tells you they can predict the direction of a stock... well, lets just say that they're not being truthful.  Sure, once in a while someone makes a correct call.  But to do it every day, consistently enough to make money, it just doesn't happen.


You see, the market is millions of people buying and selling everyday  To predict their intentions would be monumental to say the least.  Other professional traders, Wall St. insiders and myself DON'T buy and sell stocks based on predictions. It's a losing proposition. 


You'll learn what strategy we do apply . This one, well kept secret by itself, is enough to explode your profits. I can honestly say that without it, you will definitely lose money in the market.




Your Program is truly valuable....

"Hello Bill, 


I have received the material, and find it very easy to read and follow.  Thank you very much, the program is truly valuable.


Thanks again"

Larry C.

California, USA



Thank You after Thank You....

"Dear Bill,



Pam R.

Bristol,  Tn.


Ideal for beginners....

"Hi Bill


I am at the elementary stage as far investing is concern.  I really appreciate the system  that you sent to me.  Thank you, Mr Barrett."


Ray  M.

Portland, Oregon




Trading Strategies Worth Over $25,000 Put Together 

In One Step-By-Step System.  This May Very Well Be 

The Only Legitimate Offer Of Its Kind Anywhere


Don't get me wrong - there are some brilliant traders out there teaching their techniques.  However, they can be extremely expensive. Most are taught in group seminars costing $3000 to $10,000 a pop.  And to get the complete picture you have to attend 3-4 different ones.  There are a few that will even teach you one on one, but you'll have to shell out over $25,000.


Are they too expensive, probably not, considering what they offer you in return.


So if you have that kind of money go ahead and sign up.  If not then read on.


Complete Program


This is my full, unabridged, reveal all Program!!  The system is fully updated with the most current "blow the competition away" strategies, tips and insider secrets. 


You see: most people don't have a clue on where to start. And if they do, they probably end up ordering some basic stock market book that doesn't even come close to revealing what it takes to pull out loads of cash from the market.


That's why I put this program together.  So you can have a clear, easy to understand step-by-step system to follow.  You'll know exactly what to do without being overwhelmed and confused. Your game plan is clear, follow the steps...grab the cash. 



Snowball Your Profits With These Secret Tips....


How would you like to have access to tips so powerful and effective other traders just won't stand a chance.  Keep these to yourself,  they're worth your weight  in gold.


   Lock in profits whether you're at your computer or at the mall.  And the 

          beauty of it... as  your profits move up so does your lock... guaranteed


   Have your computer buy your stock for you based on any preset condition 

          you desire.  While others are scanning and searching,  you're 

          already counting the profits.


   Put the spread in Your pocket... buying  on the bid, selling on the ask, 

          automatically each and every time.


   Stealth buying and selling tactics... so unfair  you won't believe it.


Any one of these tips can help you increase your trading profits tenfold.


Now imagine this: You've been trading for a few months now and making more money then you could imagine.  You have a source of income that can never be taken away from you.  You never have to worry about losing your job, or needing a raise.


Now let's sit back and think about this for a moment, what would you be willing to pay for this kind of lifetime security. Can you even put a price on it?


After looking at all the benefits this program offers you and trying to be reasonable at the same time , I've put together what I believe is a very affordable price of $445. 


                   SPECIAL NOTICE : 

                   However, through this current  Internet Promotion Offer, I've 

                   decided to drop the price to a low of $245.  This is an internet

                   marketing test to see if the expected increase in sales more then

                   outweighs a lower profit margin. I reserve the right to end this 

                   promotion and return to the normal price of $445 at any time. 

                   To insure this price, you must order now.




But it gets even better.  When you do order right now, I'll make sure you receive, at no charge, these 5 Bonus Reports that you must have.  Receive these bonus reports and watch your profits soar. 


                         You Must order now to receive these 5 Special Bonuses


    Bonus #1  How to Determine When a Brokerage House

                    Will Put Out An Upgrade On A Certain Group

                     of Stocks.

                     Allowing you to buy that stock before the upgrade is 

                          announced, and holding on for a fast and furious ride up.


    Bonus #2  The Top Six Mistakes Traders Make

                         When you read this Free Bonus Report you'll be amazed how 

                          many times you make these mistakes. Get on the right track to 

                     trading successfully now


    Bonus #3  How To Determine The General Trend Of 

                    The Market

                          Included are graphs, pictures and easy setup instructions.  

                          You'll  even learn how to set it up for FREE.  Being on the

                          right side of the market will make  you tons of money.


    Bonus #4  How To Develop A Traders Mindset

                     Trading successfully requires the mindset to follow and execute,

                          without hesitation, the correct game plan. This will give you an

                          added edge over other traders.


    Bonus #5  My Personal List Of The Most Profitable Stocks 

                     To Trade

                     Why they are,  and when to kick them off the list.


That's $997 in free bonuses. Yours forever, no matter what!


Claim Your Copy of "Insider Secrets" 

In The Next 2 Minutes...

All The Stories You've Heard About How  Much Money You Can Make Trading Stocks Are True.......


 *** NEW***


FREE, Live Chat Support With Me, For All Program Owners!!



Add To Cart with our secure encrypted server.











The complete, easy  to understand program, is shipped to you within 24 hours. You will receive the entire program, along with each of your bonus reports via Federal Express and can get started on your way to... taking profits out of the stock market for the rest of your life. 




Bill Barrett, President




P.S.  It is important that you make the decision to order right now.  To begin the  process of becoming wealthy  you  MUST be a Decision Maker.  Click here to order online now 


P.P.S  And remember,  it's just like shopping with a rebate coupon in your pocket.  You risk nothing!  The material may even be  tax deductible as an investment expense.  Get the program, follow the steps, use your rebate ($200) and start putting money in YOUR POCKET. So lets get going now.


You'll also receive $335 worth of FREE bonuses!


P.P.S. Without the highly guarded secrets you're about to receive, your chances of trading the stock market profitably are practically  none. Seasoned trader or just starting out, if you're not using the Secrets, Tips and Strategies  in this course you are losing profits.  Remember, this is a limited time offer.  


Click Here To Immediately Claim Your Copy






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How to Make $10,296 Minimum Profit Each Month and Do It Over and Over Again!!

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How to Make $10,296 Minimum Profit Each Month and Do It Over and Over Again!!

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