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My Personal Order Entry Screen


Lets look at a few items on a professional order entry screen:


First of all, the order entry is tied right into the Level II screen.  This gives me a complete view of all the market participants.  


Volume: this is the amount of shares I want to trade. It can be set at any amount.  That's the beauty of trading, As your confidence grows so does your income, just change the volume to a higher amount of shares and presto, more profits.


Route: this is where I decide to whom I'm going to buy or sell to.  My choice, not some slow automatic execution (to slow) system or third party route.


Order buttons: I have everything preset before the market even opens.  Once I'm ready to make a move, I just click on a button, an instantaneously my order is complete. I'm in or out at the blink of an eye.  As you can see, I even color code my order buttons for fast visual reaction.


And this is just a hint of what a professional order entry screen is all about. It's just  loaded with secrets and strategies that will definitely give you an unfair advantage.


If you really want to learn all that it takes to pull out large sums of money from the stock market, then head back and read on!!



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